[Poetry] Let Me Cry


Let Me Cry

I always dreamed to always smile

But I don’t know, something that made me cry, feeling sad, and tears finally fell

Can I cover up these feelings?

Can I wipe this tear?

I’m disappointed, I fell, I wanted to run from all the black fog that was covering my feelings

You don’t understand what I’m feeling right now

I was slumped, just alone in a room empty and dark

I wish I seek and find a light that can illuminate the room

I keep waiting, waiting with a sense of worry and very scared

Can you feel it?

Can you get me out of this nightmare?

Thousands of tears have been broken down from my eyes

I only know this cry

Only I could feel this pain

Let me cry

It’s getting harder to shield this pain

You give me something, but I know it’s not from your heart

You know, it was very painful

Change all my thoughts to you

Change the sense of it all

Can you aware of it

Pain is too sore, to be treated

Can you understand this pain ?

You laugh with them, and don’t know what I feel

You’ve made me happy

Now, I already don’t have a sense that to you

Thank you ever present in my heart


This poem made ​​by my friend named Arum ^^v


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