Xoxo Graphic Shop!


Welcome to Xoxo Graphic Shop! ^^

I make some posters for fanfics and if you want to request the poster for your fanfic, then this is the place!

I think since I have nothing to do so I’ll open poster request shop. You can request a poster for your fanfics here. It’s easy if you want to request a poster.

I’m still learning and I’m sooooo sorry if the poster that I made is not a pretty good. OH! Sometimes I’m busy with school assignments and also the exams. So, I’ll not updated the poster for few days.

Open | Hiatus | Closed | Under Co.

Open — You can request now!

Hiatus — Sorry, I’m busy lately😦

Closed — Sorry, this poster shop is closed and you can’t request anymore😦

Under Construction — This poster shop will be back soon! but you still can request and… it will be longer to finish your poster


1. Maximum 10 characters per poster but it would be better if less than 10 characters.

2. Send the form via PM/e-mail but if you too lazy to open your e-mail, you can send the form here or comment here.

3. Let me know if you’ve received or not received the poster that I created.

4. Leave a COMMENT if you’ve received the poster.

5. Type the PASSWORD🙂 [hint: one of my biases LOL]

6. Feel free to request to another shop🙂

7.  Credit me and the poster shop  if you using the poster.

8. Please be patient, if I was a bit longer to give the poster to you and please understand that I was busy with the school life =___=


10. You don’t need to write any password. It means that you read all of the rules🙂

Username/Penname :

Story Title :

Story’s Link :

Character of your story : [if you want your chacarter’s name be included in the poster]

Image of the characters : [please give me the link of your character’s pictures then be sure that they are HQ]

Other Pictures : [if necessary]

Quotes : [if necessary]

Genre of the Fanfic/Mood/Theme :

Anything Specifics? [just a little summary/prologue of your story ^^]

Anything else?

Where should I send the poster?


5 thoughts on “Xoxo Graphic Shop!”

  1. Aku request poster yaa..
    Username : Aillakris
    Story Title : As You Wish
    Image : Sehun (http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/30800000/Sport-Korea-Photoshoot-Suho-exo-EC-97-91-EC-86-8C-30888785-440-693.jpg)
    Sulli (http://data.whicdn.com/images/35035488/sulli_f_x_539094_large_large.jpg)
    Other picture : –
    Quotes : –
    Genre : Romance
    Mood : Happy, Cheerful
    Summary : Sehun, seorang namja yang dingin dengan sejuta kharisma didalam dirinya yang membuat semua yeoja yang melihatnya akan jatuh hati padanya, tak terkecuali dengan Sulli, seorang yeoja yang cantik, ceria, dan polos. Sulli selalu berusaha mendekati Sehun, mencari segala informasi tentangnya, tapi tak sekalipun Sehun memperdulikan Sulli.
    Nah nah.. Kalo udah selesai kirim ke @aillakris kalo enggak aillachan@ymail.com
    Ehm gomawo! Dan posternya aku tunggu..^^

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